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Print 3D-printed parts at the office for end use without even owning your own 3D-printer

There is a huge demand for a quick flexible iterative production tool for design engineers and a 3D-printer is the perfect solution. But todays professional 3D-printers are complicated to use, are capital intensive and doesn’t allow engineers to produce production ready parts with the right material properties. The strongest need is to have a reliable tool for making prototypes and small batch production quick and without unnecessary downtime.

We at Wematter have developed an advanced laser sintering 3D-printer that produced parts as strong as mass produced parts. We have packed that advanced system into a very small footprint with a patent-pending powder recycling system making our offer one of the smallest and easiest in the world. Our vision is to enable product owning companies to develop and produce the next generation of hardware directly at their office.

The main benefit is that Wematter makes it possible to produce strong production ready parts in a couple of hours. Wematter uses a well-known laser sintering technique called SLS (selective laser sintering) but with new patent-pending algorithms making the parts even stronger. Together with a strong focus on the environment with powder recycling and a safe working environment makes it possible for big OEM:s to shorten development time and start pre-production with just a click.

But there is more, together with strong financial partners in Sweden and a product made for the future of cloud computing Wematter can provide 3D-printed parts as a service. Wematter has developed an unique business-model where the customer only pays for the actual 3D-printed part and not for the machine. That enables the customer to focus entirely on their core-business and not on maintenance and service of the machine. That is only made possible by designing the 3D-printer for a service system from the beginning.

We have several of the biggest international OEM:s in Sweden as customers and have recurring revenue streams from different market segements and we are now preparing for going global.

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